We leveraged Mark’s skills in personnel management, financial analysis and reporting, as well as a deep knowledge of the industry and wealth of contacts and resources to help us attain our marketing goals.  We couldn’t be happier!
— Kurt Kutay, President, Wildland Adventures

tour operator // north america

A prominent US-based adventure tour operator wanted to better understand its unique brand story and thus sharpen its messaging in order to better differentiate it from competitive operators. Sales were growing at a slower than desired pace and profit margins were thin. The company did not have a marketing plan or a marketing director. The small but very passionate and dedicated staff was on occasion not on the same page with senior management which caused tension in the workplace.

Not only is he a leading branding expert in the travel industry today, his vast experience managing travel companies is extremely valuable to both clients and partners on consulting projects. I highly recommend Mark as a smart, well-rounded, accountable branding consultant.
— Sarah Fazendin, Principal, Fazendin Tourism Consulting Services

tour operator // east africa

A well-established East African safari operator was experiencing stagnant growth from the North American market. For decades, the company had relied on strong, long standing relationships which drove the bulk of business from North America, and in recent years had developed new, productive relationships with smaller operators. However, the company realized that despite overall growth in travel from North America to East Africa, their sales numbers were flat.

Mark brought his own unique talent, creativity and impressive background in specialty travel to the table, but also tapped his extensive network and coordinated other expert contribution to our project (which we greatly appreciated).
— Annie Lucas, Vice President, MIR Corp